Each year the best Norwegian graphic design, illustration, interactive and moving image is celebrated at the annual Visuelt awards event. We were asked to design the identity for the 2011 & 2012 events, along with moving image sequences for the awards ceremony and the annual of winners.

Norwegian phrases that convey the anxiety and the elation of awards ceremonies were created from high speed video footage of a specially made typeface constructed from a grid of ball bearings. Each letter was released in perfect formation via a custom made mechanical device –
The Drop Matrix. The resulting footage, shot at 1000 frames per second, makes each fleeting moment feel like the breathless interlude as the golden envelope is slowly opened. Stills from the video were used in the 2012 Visuelt awards annual. 

The video was produced in collaboration with British photographer Jake Walters. The Drop Matrix mechanism was designed and built by British craftsman Rodney Forss.

Also shown here is the call-for-entries magazine insert.

Visuelt 2011

Visuelt 2011 — Design for awards event