The original Red Snapper albums started life as either a blank white LP sleeve or CD digipak onto which a red & white woven cloth label was stitched with cotton thread. The tracklisting and release details appear on a simple black & white sticker.

The packaging for Redone, a remix of the original Red Snapper album, features a another red & white woven cloth label in a clear jewelcase.
This time the label was woven with the title typography written backwards and was then displayed with the reverse side of the label facing out.
This reveals the loose strands of thread used to create the label and lends the hard-edged typography a softer, more organic quality.

The packaging for A Pale Blue Dot features three swingtags, produced in various materials, which are secured by a plastic kimble tag to a die-cut blank digipak. The kimble tag also fastens the digipak closed. This project was co-art directed by Gavin O’Shea.

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Red Snapper – A Pale Blue Dot – Red Snapper Redone – Red Snapper
Lo Recordings
2003 & 2008

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