Music packaging for the LoAF label, a subsiduary of Lo Recordings.
The packaging comprises either a 3" or 5" CD accompanied by an art print created by various contemporary artists and image-makers. These items are enclosed in sealed clear plastic documents envelopes, attached to a grey pulp board cut to a 12" LP format and then silkscreen overprinted with the names of the recording and visual artists.

In 2007 this project won a D&AD Yellow Pencil. In 2012 several items from this series were added to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York.

Music & artist pairings: Barbed/Paul Winstanley. 
Motohiro Nakashima/Sergei Sviatchenko. Batfinks/Hellovon. Charlie Alex March/Yokoland. Spectac/Manuel Schibli. Kid Twist/Sam Weber. 
Vincent Oliver/Ivan Zouravliov. Gavouna/Athanasios Argianas.

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LoAF packaging
Lo Recordings

Various artists — LoAF packaging