The Only Connect Festival of Sound 2014 is all about British science fiction writer and predictor of the near future J.G. Ballard, as seen through the lens of Oslo’s contemporary urbanisation. Designed items include a special catalogue which gathers together essays, photography and various printed ephemera relating to Ballard.

Our design borrows from the architectural detailing of an urban redevelopment in the heart of Oslo, which we reduced to logo simplicity and then layered on top of each other to create our own Ballardian vision of Oslo’s new skyline. We also created a custom typeface for this project which takes Paul Renner’s early sketches for Futura as a starting point. Rather than simplifying the typeface towards modernist idealism, we built upon the quirkiest of Renner’s letterforms, creating a typeface that has more of a postmodernist vibe. Shown here are images of the flyer, poster, catalogue and the festival program, some of which were refolded to create the catalogue’s bellyband which depicts a romanticised vision of water, as though in wilful denial of the menace of rising sea levels.

J.G. Ballard x Oslo
Only Connect Festival of Sound 2014

J.G. Ballard x Oslo — Design for music festival